Sploder, where all this began

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The official symbol of the banana army

Welcome to the Banana army WikiEdit

Want to join the revolution? well search what you want to know about it here! To see the original army, go to search bananaman24, go on groups and find the banana army. Find Jjstars site at Feel free to join and leave a message on my wall. To see forums, go to: Any more info. on Banana army is either below or ask myself. If you vecome a member, you may write a page on yourself to add to the history of the banana army.

Ranks and info.Edit

You achieve new ranks when I decide you've proven yourself.

Here is general info.

  • Gaming advice: Cruzza20
  • More general info: Bananaman24
  • tech info: JjStAr
  • shooter advice: F5Bomb88
  • back up leader: Cheeseman35

The crewEdit

Leader: Bananaman24

Tech expert: JjStAr

gamer advice: Cruzza20

weapon specialist (not actually): F5bomb88

back-up commander: Cheeseman35
Symbol small

The sploder and original symbol of the banana army

Want to join? Find and answer the blog.

What you can do to expand this wiki:Edit

  • Tell friends about it
  • Post this link on other sites
  • Email others

Adios, Bananaman24 (talk) 23:05, November 24, 2013 (UTC)